Fly Fishing Guide & Instructor, Ivan Randjelovic

Fly Fishing For Grayling – Lim River, Plav – Montenegro


This is a great “FLY ONLY” strech for grayling lovers! You’ve probably heard about famous Balkans graylings and beautiful rivers. Well, that’s it – First few kilometers of natural tailwater river of Lim is #1 in Montenegro and one of the best in the Balkans!


The river is almost always clear in this part, because it comes from natural trout-lake.  So, the risk of non-fishable-muddy-water is at the minimum! It is FLY ONLY NO KILL area with  numerous of quiet pools, shallow riffles and so many grayling-spots and big, strong and fat fish.


It is very important to know that this strech is excellent for dry fly enthusisats, but also perfect fot nymphists!

golovi img_0098


River is highly approachable to every single spot and banks are just flat meadows with lot of paths.



In other words – GRAYLING PARADISE with every single summer day very good for fly fishing!



Just a pleasure to be a guide or flyfisher an the river Lim, in Plav!


Also, you will enjoy very good accommodation and restaurants with extremely good prices/quality ratio!



So, if you love ff for grayling, contact me on  for more information. I guarantee a good time!








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