Fly Fishing Guide & Instructor, Ivan Randjelovic

Hello Fly Fishing World!

Hello, Fly Fishing World!

My name is Ivan Ranđelović. I am professional  fly fishing guide and fly casting instructor. I live in Serbia, the city of Niš and work throughout the whole EX Yugoslavia.


I entered the sport in 1986. and since then I appear in many TV shows, found and lead a fly fishing club, organize many  ff meetings, competitions, fly tying contests, publish many articles and one book, guide,  teach  and involve into the sport many fly fishers, moderate web-sites, won few ff competitions, promote fly fishing, pass the IFFF Fly Casting Instructor exam, catch many fish-species on a fly, invent flies, learn so much about entomology…


Briefly, so many interesting things in many years.

All these years, I go fly fishing and guiding all the time, all seasons and all types of fresh water, about 250 days a year.

 I am not selective on fish-species. I consider them all equally  interesting if caught on fly. Trout, grayling, huchen, chub, asp, pike, barbel, rudd, perch, roach, wels…

I’m also not selective on types of freshwater. Rivers, streams, lakes, ponds…I know how to enjoy them all and how to present them to all my guests.


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