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Baetis rhodani (Large Dark Olive)

First In Season

Upwinged flies are the most popular
insects in the fly fishing . There’s a reason for that: They are the easiest to see and there are plenty of types in different colors , which attracts  our attention to its beauty . Although the late winter present numerous midges, we act like we don’t see them, but we get very excited when we see the first upwinged fly in the season – Baetis rhodani .

Subimago of this insect sail
helpless on the water and this attracts the fish to feed in the atmosphere . Rising and splashing were able to see earlier, because the midges were on the water in the middle of winter, but… Now the real thing begins : A sailboats , who we follow to the moment when fish turn them into a bite . “Bluurrrpp!” So powerful ! After a long winter break , dry fly anglers are on the move again.
Ventral view – important for tying a fly
Nymphs & Emergers
Nymph-lovers are excited too , because the same insect nymphs become active even weeks before the hatch.  They belong to the “agile darter” group of the Ephemeridae nymphs. In early spring, they are more often on the menu, less protected and more easily killed.

Instinct makes them get out of the shelter and come to the surface to hatch. Many of them are being eaten in that stage.
Baetis imago
Finally, there is the adult stage, which is important too. Baetis lay their eggs under water. The female walks into the water, using submerged objects. Then again, she is vulnerable and available to fish jaws.

Size: About 1 cm + tails

Habitat: Rivers

1st Hatch: February-May

2nd Hatch: October-December

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