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River Tara, Fly Fishing In The Deepest Canyon In Europe


Long, deep and beautiful

The famous Montenegrin river Tara dug the second-deepest canyon in the world, 80 km long and 1333 m deep. Besides, this river is not famous just by huge rocks around but also by the gin-clear water. Due to the incredible beauty, river Tara and this canyon are protected by law and UNESCO.



The Tara Canyon is in middle to lower part of the river Tara in northern Montenegro. It is part of the Durmitor National Park.

The River

Tara is medium-size freestone river with an average width of 30 m. During the summer, at lowest water level, it is suitable for wading in many places.  Besides to the deep pools there are many shallows, and nearby fast riffles there is always some quiet part of the stream.


Fish & Fly Fishing

Tara is populated almost exclusively with wild Salmonids, brown trout, grayling and huchen.   Fly fishing in this clear and cold river is sometimes easy, but not always. Let’s say that Tara Canyon is not a rich fishery for newborn flyfishers, but the place for experienced adventurers and anglers.

Precisely balanced tackle, light tippets (0.10 – 0.14mm) and small tiny flies (#14-20) are recommended, especially for Tara’s grayling.


Brown trout is here also highly selective and wary too, but size of the fly can be a little bit bigger (#10-16).


Nymphists can enjoy lot of styles, but also very interesting and exciting nymphing-on-sight. Simply, nymphist can see his prey in incredibly clear water and lead the nymph to it, watching fish reaction.


Of course, there is opportunity of streamer fishing. Besides the popular brown trout, there is a mighty Danube-taimen, the huchen. In this canyon they are not so big as in Mongolia, but in almost every pool can be found a specimen of 5-10 kg.











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