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Fly Fishing Plav Region – Montenegro

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If you are looking for a great location for fly fishing in the Balkans, the region of Plav in Montenegro is certainly a ultimate choice. Two beautiful rivers, Lim and Ljuca, with fly-only-no-kill fishing regulation and the turquoise Lake of Plav are the great places for FF adventure.


The most popular part of this region is the river Lim. It springs from the lake, and first several kilometers of the river are always clear, rich in insects and very attractive with plenty of grayling and brown trout.

grayling jump

In this part, the river Lim is about 30m wide and suitable for relaxed wading. It flows through the plateau, surrounded with meadows and bushes. Fish are very often feeding on the surface, attracted by massive hatches.


The river Ljuca is fantastic spring creek feed by gin-clear and ice-cold Ali Pasha Springs at the foot of the high and rocky Prokletije mountain.  It is famous by large grayling.

Ljuca is quite slow and deep tributary to the lake. It flows through the meadows and makes many meandres before it reaches the lake.

Fish of Ljuca are little harder to catch then in Lim. Hatches are not so massive and frequent, so most of the day the best way to catch larger fish is on the nymph.

ljucki lipljen


The Lake of Plav is natural lake with endemic lake trout, grayling, huchen (danube taimen) and pike.


The lake has elliptical shape, with diameter of 1-2 kilometers.  The maximum depth is about 9m.  For fishing the lake is best to use a boat, that can be easily rented.

blatnjacaaLake Trout


Fly fishing for endemic lake trout is  extraordinarily experience. Almost every summer evening you can see 2-5 kg rising fish on large sedges.  Also, mayfly time is not good to miss.

blatnjacaLake Trout in Mayfly Time

And, if you love streamer fishing for pike or huchen, this is a place to be. Big-gamers can found large pike cruising clear-water surface near the bank and weed, and you can easily hear the stories about world-largest huchen of Plav.

Hucho huchoHuchen (Danube Taimen)

Briefly and clearly, in this place you have the best full-time variety of fly fishing that can be imagined. 

pike plav

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