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Fly Fishing River Djetinja


This is the river in Western Serbia, near the town of Užice. Upper part of the river, just few kilometers from the town, is very clean and clear, so the present fish-specieas are Grayling, Brown trout and Huchen.img_2506



Mladica glava


Djetinja runs through a gorge, but very approachable. The small road goes along the river.



Along the road you will find benches, garbage cans and sources of drinking water. In that, this is one of the best flyfishing stretch in Serbia.

img_1680 img_2580


Djetinja is very suitable for fly fishing. It is easy wadeable, with plenty of diverse positions and conditions to cast a fly. There are lot of quiet pools, but also rapids. Average depth of the river is about 70cm and width is maximum 15m. Deepest pools are up to 3m deep.






Djetinja is excellent for dry fly fishing, but also for nymphing and streamers.


Brown trout is the oldest fish here, but huchen and grayling are introduced several years ago. Graylings already reach the trophy size and huchens are present in every pool. They are not so big, because the river is too small for that big predator, but specimens about 80cm are not rare.







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